Residential High Density - Amazonas

Project Details:


- Morningside, Sandton


- Project Architect

Project Type

- Residential High Density


- 2003


- Completed 2005

Inspired by the tropical rainforest of South America, Amazonas in Morningside was envisaged as a tropical oasis within the Sandton CBD. Amazonas is an eleven story luxury apartment complex where the developers brief was for a low maintenance easy lift style experience with large easy flowing interiors to all apartment options including two deluxe double story penthouse suites.

Diverse interior finishes ranging from ‘Down to Earth’ a more neutral with natural interior finishes to ‘Citi’ with darker contemporary materials and finally ‘Sophistication’ the conservative interior palette of the three. Solid timber doors complete with high skirting, architraves and flush plastered ceilings through out optimize the level of luxury to each apartment.

The construction design technique employed on the Amazonas Apartments utilised a conventional concrete framed basement structure allowing parking above and partially below ground, with the apartment block portion of the building constructed above. The roof to the basement acting as the overall foundation for the 9 storeys of load bearing brick walls with floating monolithic and cantilevered slabs.

Comfort levels and noise are a big factor in a multi level residential building. A conventional concrete framed structure would allow sound to vibrate through the structure in all directions reducing the desirability of living in such a building. The idea to design utilising load bearing brick work on suspended slabs was thus chosen. This design reduced on the overall sound transmission between apartments limited to the horizontal floor plates with little to no sound transmission and resonation between materials such as brick and concrete. Suspended ceilings with insulating material in the ceiling void further reduced the sound dampening and transmission of noise through the floor plates.

2004 October - Amazonas
2004 November - Amazonas
2005 April - Amazonas

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